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Debica launches a new Ultra High Performance tyre, - the Presto UHP2

Advanced technologies deliver a performance tire with increased mileage

Thanks to its advanced technologies the tire offers increased mileage¹ for demanding drivers seeking performance at a competitive price.

Excellent on wet surfaces 

The Presto UHP2 tread design is equipped with a high number of biting edges (340 per tire) that cut the water film on the road, offering very good handling and braking on wet surfaces. Additionally, the round outside shoulders are designed to effectively disperse water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Low rolling resistance and increased mileage

The ‘Uniform Contact Pressure’ design distributes the pressure over the whole tread contact area, spreading the wear evenly, providing increased mileage. Additionally, the new optimized rolling resistance chafer lowers fuel consumption¹ by controlling energy dissipation via the tire’s rim, addressing an important purchase need for Debica’s consumers.

Lastly, the asymmetric tread pattern design with a stiffer outside rib allows for excellent dry braking capabilities.

“Debica’s engineers have been working closely together to deliver an ultra-high performance, durable tire at an affordable price. The advanced technologies featured in this new UHP tire offers the consumer both purchase and driving satisfaction”, says Martijn De Jonge, Brand Director Consumer PBU EMEA at Goodyear.

The Debica Presto UHP2 will be available in 21 sizes, covering approx. 50% of the summer UHP market.[2]

Presto UHP2




             High number of biting edges                                 New optimized rolling resistance                                 Round outside shoulders



                                         Asymmetric design with outside rib fortifiers                         Uniform contact pressure




[1] Compared to predecessor (Presto UHP)    [2] *Europool 2010-2015 by SIZE _ East+West incl Baltics incl Turkey.